A Cascade of solutions for your network performance problems


A Cascade of solutions for your network performance problems

If you’re a government information technology manager, and your wide area network (WAN) suddenly grinds to a halt, senior officials and field personnel alike are going to complain about applications running at a snail’s pace. Your team will desperately scramble to fix the problem, troubleshooting to determine if you have an application problem, a network issue or something else going wrong.

A scenario like that is when Riverbed’s Cascade solution comes in handy. With Cascade, a WAN performance management tool, network managers can quickly spot problems and drill down to the applications, servers and users where the issues originated. It provides a single, integrated view of flow and packet data throughout the network and covers data centers, offices and mobile users. This information helps network managers map out, analyze and report on mission-critical applications and services, and troubleshoot security and performance problems.

Autolearning and seamless integration

Cascade works by snagging data flow records from switches, routers and other network devices. Then, it calculates WAN metrics such as response time and throughput, tracks these metrics over time and fires off messages when network performance is out of whack. The technology automatically learns which network issues occur daily or weekly and allows network managers to solve problems before business operations are affected and users log complaints. Cascade is also non-intrusive and doesn’t require branch office probes or modifications to applications or the WAN.

Shore up your core

Cascade can enhance the following core government IT services:  

  • WAN optimization and analysis: By providing accurate network performance data, Cascade allows IT pros to thoroughly plan for WAN optimization projects and analyze potential impacts.
  • Troubleshooting:Through Cascade’s packet-level analysis, network managers can quickly find the main cause of WAN problems, allowing for a faster resolution.
  • Performance monitoring: Cascade provides dashboards based on granular packet and flow data that enable network managers to proactively fix network problems.
  • Discovery and dependency mapping:  Cascade can easily locate application servers and clients on the network and map dependencies for organizations that are consolidating data centers or moving IT resources to the cloud.

Sky-high ROI

Also, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, when Cascade is coupled with Riverbed Steelhead appliances, government agencies can yield a high return on investment during data center consolidation. Cascade provides key performance metrics, which can be used to modify Steelhead appliances and ensure mission-critical network traffic speeds up and non-essential data packet transfer scales back. 

Taking the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to emphasize that the key to success here is having the right team, scope, design, installation and transition for your Cascade solution. SwishData has the engineering resources to ensure solid front- and back-end success with Cascade.

Ultimately, though, Cascade gives IT managers the information they need to fix day-to-day network problems and avoid those frantic help desk calls in the middle of the night.

For more information, check out our Solutions page, or contact us directly. We are also talking about WAN Optimization on Twitter and Facebook.

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