Government customer relationships grounded in trust, expertise and agility


Government customer relationships grounded in trust, expertise and agility

At SwishData, we always tell potential customers that anyone can sell them a set of solutions. But very few companies join an agency’s team as a true partner that architects, implements and supports from start to finish, eliminating the need for the customer to be stuck coordinating among several vendors.

Standing alongside customers to help implement long-term strategies

We’re able to provide one expert point of contact for our projects because of the people we put on the job — data performance authorities who appreciate what a customer is trying to accomplish and who understand the big picture before diving in head first.

For some resellers, the data performance business is always about the widget they’re selling you right now. But for SwishData, it’s all about making our employee a member of your team who cares about what your agency’s long-term needs really are.

Whether helping coordinate with product vendors so you don’t have to, or researching the best way to fix a unique data performance issue, SwishData’s people are committed to serving customers in ways that go above and beyond the standard. You’ll never hear one of our employees say something isn’t his or her job — passing the buck doesn’t help anyone. But SwishData employees are willing to roll up their sleeves when needed.

Ready to serve government like no one else

Being great with the technologies we use and going all-out for our customers are two reasons SwishData could probably work for anyone — but we’re uniquely qualified to serve the evolving needs of government and fully dedicated to that customer base.

Every single member of our team has public sector experience, from a few years to more than 20.  We don’t need government-specific training programs — everything we talk about each day is already within the context of government. All of our work and focus is fully enveloped in the federal realm. Because we don’t do commercial work, there’s no generic level of training or conversation. Everything we do is relevant to our customers.

Highly capable, extensively agile

Because we focus on a specific set of effective cutting-edge solutions, we are the experts when it comes to those solutions, such as implementing better data storage or virtualizing desktops. We prioritize vendor training and certifications to ensure our technical professionals are the best at what they do and stay up-to-date on best practices of our alliance partners.

SwishData has the project management, technical and government expertise necessary to keep agencies mission-capable in terms of data performance. And our agility is unparalleled. We find it easy to be flexible and adaptable to government’s requirements. We can quickly shift directions to implement the solutions the public sector needs right now. And we’re not tied down by corporate bureaucracy — SwishData is 100-percent virtual. With employees across the country, we’re able to deploy in very little time.

This structure allows us mobility and efficiency to which traditional companies can’t compare. We’ve operated in this way since 2006 and have our forward-looking operations model down to a science. We practice what we preach and use the technologies we sell. Our company’s environment allows us to deliver personal, effective customer service no matter what. A real, collaborative relationship with customers is what you can always expect from SwishData.

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