Mobilizing data anywhere in the world


Mobilizing data anywhere in the world

As it turns out, we have a unique ability here at SwishData to architect, engineer and implement data solutions that are a perfect fit for agencies that need a one-stop shop for deployment systems with speed and agility. I’ve heard some great customer stories lately about agencies that operate abroad and need a partner who can remove the complexity associated with having multiple vendors in intense environments — it’s a mission only SwishData excels at accomplishing.

Meeting mission challenges

When agencies need help addressing mission-critical data issues, we answer the call around the globe. Often, customers have a wide selection of storage but are not able to meet expectations for data sharing, disaster recovery, continuity of operations or long-term backup retention — all of this is even tougher when you’re expected to be highly mobile and reactive to the operational environment. Do you have difficulty accessing data from forward deployed areas? Is your data recovery anything but rapid? Those are unacceptable propositions for rapidly deployable forces, and it’s exactly what one customer faced.

Data mobility for the highly mobile

Our expertise with design, implementation and support — offering the complete package from architecture to engineering and through deployment — is a definitive factor in the success of the solutions we recommend for government agencies like the customer I mentioned above. In that case, to address those challenges to making data highly mobile and accessible, we designed a solution that included storage consolidation, data replication and data protection using software that integrated with storage array functionality and network optimization to improve data sharing. Our consultants actually worked in the field with the customer to determine requirements and meet the mission.

SwishData’s work eliminated data sprawl for file services, VMware, Exchange and application services. The final result was 50 percent less storage utilization. SwishData deployed a NetApp storage environment, NetApp Snap Manager, Syncsort Data Protection Software and Riverbed, offering integrated and protected storage, and reducing the amount of physical equipment needed across the organization.

Now that agency’s data is always ready. Admins can recover data within minutes instead of hours or days. Their data center is mobile, capable of shutdown and startup somewhere else within minutes to continuously support the mission. Before SwishData stepped in, that wasn’t the case.

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