New Study: 97 Percent of All Networks Have Been Breached


New Study: 97 Percent of All Networks Have Been Breached

In the world of cybersecurity, we all live under the auspices that network breaches are very common.  However, in the past, we have mainly had professional surveys and educated estimates of how many organizations have been impacted by cyber threats.

That is until now.  FireEye’s recent cybersecurity assessment report, which monitored 1,614 networks monitored across 1,216 organizations, found that a shocking 97 percent of these networks had experienced a breach during a six-month period.

As highlighted in this Redmond Magazine article, the report compares these sobering statistics with the French Maginot Line, which was a defense line in WWII that could not withstand the modern-day warfare techniques at the time.

“Organizations spend more than $67 billion on IT security. Yet attackers routinely breach those defenses with clever, fast-moving attacks that bypass traditional tools,” said the report.

This report reinforces just how serious the cyber threat landscape is these days.  If the rate of breaches continues to accelerate at the pace it is today, federal agencies will be more even challenged to be on top of these rising threats.

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