Riverbed and SwishData — Optimize performance without compromising anything


Riverbed and SwishData — Optimize performance without compromising anything

I often hear my agency customers say, “We’d really like to deploy a full range of storage, backup and recovery capabilities, but we’re afraid the additional traffic will choke our bandwidth.” So they’re seriously considering compromising their ideal architecture and settling for something that’s ‘good enough’ but that won’t threaten their network performance.

When I hear this, I’m happy to deliver some good news and some even better news. The good news is that with Riverbed and NetApp technologies, SwishData can help them meet their storage needs without sacrificing network performance. The even better news is that we help them lower their storage, backup and recovery costs at the same time.

How can I make such a promise?

Riverbed WAN optimization solutions improve and accelerate application performance (typically by 5-50x and in some cases by up to 100x) while reducing bandwidth use between 65 and 95 percent. That’s an order of magnitude improvement in performance — and the value of your existing networks.

At the same time, Syncsort backup technologies built on NetApp eliminate redundant data and transfer only new or changed blocks to shrink backup windows. These improvements further minimize network traffic and can also reduce your backup capacity requirements by as much as 90 percent.

If you’re deploying virtualized storage, you’ll need at least 50 percent less hardware with NetApp, compared to traditional storage. You certainly won’t need any additional bandwidth. I get some pretty big smiles when I relate this to my customers, and why not? Instead of compromising, they can deploy all the storage capabilities they need — while improving network performance with Riverbed and saving money.

We specialize in data performance – so we know application and network performance

The key to success in storage-related WAN optimization is streamlining the integration of all the technologies involved — at a knowledge level equal to that of their manufacturers. As you might expect, our partners’ engineers are exceptionally skilled in deployment and problem-solving for their own products. But after a plethora of agency installations, SwishData engineers know those products equally well in combination, not just separately.

As a result, we’re experts in the big picture as well as the tiny details. That’s why I’m sure deploying all the storage you need won’t choke your networks – or your budgets.

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