Save resources with cooler, energy-saving data performance


Save resources with cooler, energy-saving data performance

Is your agency faced with a need to streamline data storage now? Do you have an urgent need to acquire more storage before operations are affected?

Many of our customers experience these mission-threatening challenges and deal with multiple storage arrays that span different technologies and silos of storage. The maintenance bills really add up.

We can help you determine your ideal solution

SwishData offers assessments to government agencies that are looking for new ways to solve issues inside the data center. For many agencies, we’re able to determine that savings can be found by restructuring the storage architecture’s design and solutions. Often, after providing these assessments, we’re ready to deploy quickly if you decide to come to us later to implement the solution because we’ve already taken the time to understand your pain points. You don’t need to deal with a lot of ramp-up time when important work is on the line.

Stop putting work on the backburner because of ongoing maintenance

The outcome of one recent SwishData project was that we were able to take a government agency from four silos to one consolidated enterprise storage array built on NetApp, which reduced the carbon footprint of the storage system by minimizing energy use by 50 percent. The agency, like yours might, also had many important IT projects on the backburner because personnel resources had to be utilized for maintenance. Now, there is time to do more new work, and a foundation for disaster recovery and continuity of operations is in place.

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