Thwart BYOD mobility threats


Thwart BYOD mobility threats

Mobility is forced on IT administrators today.

Users find ways to enable their own devices for what is termed BYOD — bring your own device. I ran across this article recently that underscores the security problems I believe are the biggest reasons a robust mobility solution is imperative for admins: 

“A muddled mix of policies covering laptops, Wi-Fi and consumer devices has led to 'security gaps big enough to drive a semi through.'”
— Michael Finneran, author of the InformationWeek 2012 State of Mobile Security Survey

That’s pretty scary considering how security has risen in importance for federal agencies lately. That’s why SwishData has put together a mobility solution that solves the performance and user-experience concerns of mobility solutions, while making even BYOD users more secure for the agencies. By deploying several products as one integrated solution, SwishData can solve other problems while saving agencies money. We do this by:

  • Increasing security of mobile users
  • Conducting backup and virus scans of end-user devices
  • Eliminating difficult administration of operating systems and applications
  • Decreasing the costs associated with the buying cycle and cost of administration of end-user devices

With the SwishData mobility solution, administrators can patch OS’ and applications quickly — without talking to each user directly. They also can backup and scan desktops with ease and protect data against device loss and security breaches.

When a BYOD laptop, iPhone, iPad or whatever home device is lost with this solution implemented, no data is at risk, at all. That mitigates a lot of risk for an agency and over time will actually reduce cost.

Find out more by downloading our mobility and VDI solution briefs.

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