A winning combination for VDI


A winning combination for VDI

Since 2001, an increasing number of government employees and contractors have started teleworking. Although it is a convenient alternative for employees, the growth in teleworking over the years has presented new challenges for agency IT administrators.  Users are concerned about performance, while administrators and agencies are concerned about the security risks of mobile users.

SwishData’s Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution addresses those challenges and provides additional benefits to IT departments and employees alike.

At SwishData, we have developed a winning combination of integrated software, hardware and services that help the public sector get started with VDI.  You can also find our mobility and VDI specific solution briefs on our website.

You may wonder: How does VDI work? What are the tangible benefits? What does SwishData do that other system integrators do not? To find the answers to those questions and more, download the article here.

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Image courtesy Flickr user SH4rp_i and Oliver Wyman Study “Making Green IT a Reality”

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