Below are answers to questions we frequently receive about SwishData’s military IT services, government project management, federal enterprise architecture, government data storage, disaster recovery, and more. If your question does not appear below or the answer is not satisfactory, please contact us.

Who is SwishData?

Based in Tysons, VA, we’re the data performance architects. SwishData ensures the performance, affordability, and security of your agency’s data infrastructure through both architecture and deployment. That means our solutions perform exactly the way you need them to, through:

•       Detailed assessments and requirements definition
•       Planning and design
•       Cost-effective procurement
•       Engineering and deployment
•       Transition and training
•       Ongoing evaluation and enhancement

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What exactly is the “public sector”?

When it comes to government terminology, the term “public sector” refers to those agencies that oversee the “public” portion of society. This includes universally critical services, such as national defense, homeland security, fire fighting, police protection, and those areas controlled by national, state, or local governments.

What qualifies SwishData to provide government IT services?

With over a century of collective sales and engineering experience, certifications and Government clearances (DoD, Top Secret, SCI), SwishData has focused it's expertise on providing federal enterprise architecture—including extensive past performance with key federal clients— on military IT and government disaster recovery projects. These hands-on, government project management skills and credentials have proven invaluable when it comes to making sound decisions on your behalf. Contact a SwishData representative for more information. 

What IT solutions does SwishData provide?

From cloud computing and storage services to data center consolidation, systems virtualization, disaster recovery, and much more, SwishData’s sales and engineering staff are all certified in the core IT solutions for which we offer integration. Learn more...

What technologies are used in SwishData’s solutions?

SwishData incorporates best-in-class technologies from OEM partners to meet the demands of its growing client base. Our primary Enterprise technologies include:

  • NetApp
  • SyncSort
  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Riverbed
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Cisco
  • F5
  • NTP
  • And more

To keep pace with the dynamic field of technology, SwishData is always researching more efficient and economical ways to accomplish its goals. As a result, this list is frequently updated. Learn more...

What types of military IT services are offered by SwishData?

From data backup and recovery to federal enterprise architecture, SwishData will analyze your military IT needs and create a custom solution to maximize efficiency and throughput.

How can SwishData simplify our federal enterprise architecture?

Leveraging our industry experience, our partners’ cutting edge technologies, and lessons learned from our extensive involvement within other federal agencies, our certified engineers and sales executives can effectively streamline your company’s data management and storage processes, incorporating sound solutions, and delivering consistently reliable results.

What types of government IT disaster recovery solutions do you offer?

Utilizing the latest tools developed by our expert technical engineering team, our government IT disaster recovery solutions are fully tested and address all facets of data systems. We offer the following approaches to IT disaster recovery:

  • Stand-Alone (in house) Disaster Recovery
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Hosted Services
  • Hot, Warm, and Cold DR/COOP Scenarios
  • And more
What are the benefits of your storage and COOP architecture designs?

SwishData constructs state-of-the-art designs to maximize data access and storage. For example, by combining intelligent SAN and NAS storage with your server infrastructure through VMware virtualization, you can enjoy an outstanding integration that enhances storage capacities and recovery times while simplifying architecture and backup methods. Learn more...

What types of support does SwishData offer?

SwishData supports all recommended hardware/software/enterprise solutions installed on your system or accessed online.

What types of technologies does SwishData sell?

SwishData provides end-to-end data center solutions with a focus on virtualization, enterprise data management, and enhanced data protection. Since customers today are faced with hundreds of technology manufacturers from which to choose, SwishData makes it a priority to perform a thorough analysis of competing technologies, hand-selecting those that deliver the highest technical innovation and streamlined IT operations while offering the lowest overall cost without sacrificing quality.

What sets SwishData apart from the competition?

SwishData focuses its efforts on execution as opposed to fulfillment. While other Value-Added Resellers (VAR) are busy trying to fulfill hundreds or thousands of other manufacturers’ requests, SwishData is concentrating on specific areas of the enterprise and, hence, providing turn-key solutions.

How can your federal enterprise architecture solutions streamline my IT department?

SwishData’s ability to tap a wide pool of resources allows for more sophisticated technology, leading to greater efficiency of operations. You will witness a transformation of your IT department into a smooth, modularized, process, incorporating the latest technologies, solutions and professional consulting services.

What project management and team coordination/training do you offer?

Through our professional services team, full support for all software/hardware implementation is available either on-site or via telephone assistance.

What are the benefits of SwishData’s federal contract vehicles?

SwishData offers GWAC and IDIQ contract vehicles; clients benefit from these contract options because they allow us to streamline and expedite your:

  • Source justification
  • Acquisition timelines
  • Procurement processes
What markets does SwishData cover?

SwishData prides itself in its flexibility to change and grow with government/market demands. At present, the markets we address include but are not limited to the following:

At the macro level:

  • US federal IT
  • Military IT
  • US public sector
  • US federal government

At the micro level:

  • Civilian Agencies
  • DoD/Military
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Homeland Security
How does SwishData keep up with the industry?

SwishData constantly stays abreast with industry news, technology, and current events in several ways, including:

  • Staffing the most talented resources in the industry who specialize in today’s most innovative technology
  • Subscribing to a philosophy of operational excellence
  • Maintaining the latest certifications in core solutions
  • Tapping industry-related news centers, journals, and publications
  • Attending seminars and conferences that will broaden our staff’s knowledgebase
What career opportunities exist at SwishData?

SwishData is always looking for talented staff members to augment its team.

How do I contact SwishData?

Simply fill out our online form or call the office directly at (703) 635-3324. A trained federal enterprise architecture specialist is standing by, ready to assist.

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