Backup Your Data Fast. Restore It Even Faster.

“Backup” comes first, but the real point is that second word: “recovery.”

SwishData Corporation makes sure you can restore your data completely, efficiently, and very quickly—without a big backup window or disruptions to your production environment. We’re experts in combining technologies that enable you to reduce your backup times, accelerate restores, and maintain network performance, all while cutting infrastructure and admin costs.

SwishData backup and recovery solutions based on NetApp, Syncsort, and VMware enable you to:

  • Backup in minutes, not hours
  • Recover data within minutes
  • Backup as often as necessary
  • Backup all your data, yet preserve performance
  • Reduce your secondary storage up to 90%
  • Integrate replication across all your sites
  • Reduce management time by 50% or more

This combination of benefits eliminates one more thing: any need to compromise in any way on data protection. Save all your data. Get it back fast. Pay less to do it. That’s the SwishData backup and recovery solution.